Court Case

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When life gives you lemons, it really gives you the nasty ones, the ones that are difficult to get past your mouth and too sour for your teeth. Court cases are those nasty lemons that never sit well with a person and often extend throughout a person’s life. We can only imagine the kind of life that person or family must be living. Court cases are the permanent dark clouds that hover over the life of a person, making even the brightest days gloomy and dull. A person involved in a court case shed the hope of a good life or even a good future. He starts to disintegrate himself from the world in fear of humiliation and rejection. Even with the support of the family, he begins to drown in the feeling of loneliness and the confines of the web of judges, lawyers, and court. The frequent hearings, the incessant blame-game and the fight to defend oneself in the court leave no room for the mental growth of a person and take all the brightness and happiness miles ways.

Court Case
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Astrologer Raghav Raj Ji can bring back brightness, peace, and happiness back in this crucial juncture of your life through is divine holiness and the ability to solve even the toughest of problems through the power of Astrology. All the hurdles and hardships in your life are the result of the movements of the celestial bodies that reside in our birth chart. Astrologer Raghav Raj Ji analyzes the strength and weakness of the various houses of the birth chart that are responsible for bringing the ups and downs in the life of a person. After only critically reading the nature of the houses, he provides a person with the astrological remedy.

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