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When a person gets in the clutches of alcohol or drugs, to say that they are suffering and struggling alone would be completely non-justifiable. In reality, it is the people who are related and dependent upon that particular person, who are the actual sufferers. The ferociously spreading of the problem of alcohol addiction and drug abuse is taking in its clutches lots of people, especially youngsters, who seem to have developed this ideology that drinking, drugs,and smoking somehow make them look classier and happening. People, who are more mature,revel in the aftermath of the alcohol which is the gratification and contentment they feel when their senses are all over the place. They feel that they have reached Nirvana and thus, the reason why they crave more and more after every time. This demonic hunger ultimately takes in its wake the financial, social, professional and the personal life of an addict and renders him useless.

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Astrologer Raghav Raj Ji has helped thousands of families and individuals to extract their loved ones or a person himself from the tight hold the addiction of alcohol has over them. Vedic Astrology is the medium how hewas able to accomplish such massive numbers. Astrology dictates that second, sixth and the first house of birth chart is in direct relation to the eating habits, health and the personality of a person. The weakening of these houses can make a person vulnerable to the harmful and bad things in life like alcohol and drug abuse. Astrologer Raghav Raj Jianalyzes the strength of these houses and provides effective astrological remedies for a person to recover from it.

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